My identity as an Oregonian and connection to nature has taught me a  great respect for the natural world, which ultimately lead me to my passion for sustainable design. I believe as designers we should use our knowledge to design responsibly. We set the standard for the general public, using our knowledge to provide educated and well designed options.

I have a passion to design sustainable and functional spaces that make it effortless for people to go about their daily tasks. Biophilic spaces that allow people to connect to the natural world that exists outside our brick and mortar buildings. I have aspirations of helping design Net-Zero buildings in the future as well as an interest in vernacular design.

I graduated from The Art Institute of Portland's CIDA accredited Interior Design program in December of 2016, with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design and a focus in sustainability.

Iā€™m determined to better the world, one space at a time.